Project Outputs

1. Massive online open course (MOOC) “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship” for students from diverse fields of study. It will introduce students to the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship: identify opportunity, create a business model, prepare a business plan, attract investors, learn how to establish, effectively manage and communicate the activity of a social startup, etc. The course will also contain an E-book of 50 inspiring female and social entrepreneurship.

2. An innovative gamified online platform, that will use game design elements to create a highly participative and inspiring learning environment, in which students will explore business concepts and develop key entrepreneurship skills and mindset while dealing with real cases and challenges. The platform will operate in 5 languages (EN, BG, GR, PL, and RO) and will be maintained at least until 2020. 60 trainers will be trained to provide ongoing support to learners. At least 600 students will be enrolled in the course until the end of the project.

3. Impact assessment report will help outline the major outcomes of the project and attract strategic support for the initiative after the project lifetime. It will be presented during the final events in partners’ countries.